Mind and Matter

by Bleed the Pigs

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released July 12, 2015

Art: Painting by Kayla
Recorded mostly at Nostromo House by David
Mix and mastered by David



all rights reserved


Bleed the Pigs Nashville, Tennessee

Kayla - Vocals
Jay - Drums

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Track Name: Nightmare Child
I can't collect my thoughts.
It's the same shit every night, these circles repeat.
Write them on paper, admit your defeat.

I'm exhausted, but still restless.
I'm ashamed, but not helpless.
Like pushing forward down a dead end street with your hands touching me.

Sleep only brings you close.
Your shadow crawls up my walls.
Onto the ceiling then dives in my sheets, killing every sweet young part of me.

When sleep finally creeps in and the nightmares win
Lie still
Take this disease and then scratch off the sin on your skin

I've tried to let them go, but they've left me hallow.
Stolen youth
Years of abuse

This feeling in the pit of my stomach feels like swallowed knives.
I need t eviscerate you from me.
With my hands around your throat, I'll yell "see you in hell."

Choke on it you piece of shit.
Track Name: The Obsolete Man is a Rich Man
Our world is a bastard with nobody there to save you from it's joy of watching you become obsolete.

The state wants to leave you no choice.
We're undesired.

Your worth is measured by a plague.
you don't exist.

They'll pick at you like a vulture.
You heartless coward.

You'll wake up and you'll serve.
The rights of man.
Fucking disgrace.

Look at the camera.
Feel life slipping through your hands.
Don't cheat your audience.

Knowing we're destined to die.
The whole damn world can watch us burn.

No Function

You heartless coward.