split w/ Thetan

by Bleed the Pigs

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released February 27, 2015

Recorded by BTP
Drums: Conor McEneaney
Mastered: Black Matter Mastering
Album art by Scoot Malone

Collab songs:

BTP - "Dehumanize"
Thetan - "Pressure Cracks"



all rights reserved


Bleed the Pigs Nashville, Tennessee

Kayla - Vocals
Jay - Drums

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Track Name: Annihilate You
Out of heart
Tired bloodshed
No power and identity

Succumb to hate
Embrace death
Forced into line with threat
Destroy the man wielding the shield
Order wont line up with life

Corporations fill their wallets with blood
Waiting for the fix of bodies
Sponsoring death
Entertainment body 8
Your turn to die
Don't be late
Follow the heard
Get a taste of the sweet death

Dead or alive
annihilate the scum
We find a way to fight
annihilate the scum
Track Name: Dehumanize
False flags, false gods, false hearts
(struggles sold by man)
Convinced that our world will descend
(planted the seed of hatred)
Protect the white savior of land
(chaos has no price)
Infested rape you so strongly defend
(keep festering in shit)

Swarm at every chance like a vulture
(dehumanize all life)
Prosecute and maim the whole fucking culture
(fuck purity small and white)
Baseless lies and empty devotions
(Pockets lined with blood)
No remorse for your fellow man
(we're dead to you)
So why give a fuck

Memorize the past
Rip and tear the flesh

I can't shut my eyes to truth
It's all bullshit
Track Name: Born of Filth
Suck me down to cure the beating, to kill the beast
To ambush through my soul, direction lost, honest hate, tucked fear
All you are inside

Born full of hate
Bathed in pure filth

The loud silence tells me to hurt
With no voice I'll hide my pain
Scratch your throat and get a quick taste
This couch ridden lonely fate

Pulsing insane won't forget
Run the switch to the back of my neck

Stop the sound
I'll spit my shame

No trust
Leave behind
Track Name: Demise
Turn you (head)
To your (own hatred)
Drenched in (blood)
Coated in sugar for
Rejected (world)
No power (and no choice)
Exist for (shit)
It's their demise or mine

High on your throne
Condemning lives you though you owned
Pain runs through the veins that weep - left out on streets

Scathing scum
Nowhere to run when the fever breaks
Fucking snake

Cut the ropes
Kill the sheep
Your existence still means nothing

Track Name: Soul Collector
Oh, famed soul collecter
What color is your hood?
You swore to protect us
No battle has been won

Marked for all time
Show me the perfection
Endlessly show your filth
Existence is an illusion

Sucking all our souls
Taking our lives