Overcompensations for Misery EP

by Bleed the Pigs

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Kayla Phillips - Vocals
Taylor Carpenter - Drums
David Hobbs - Guitar/vocals
Christian Smith - Bass


released May 3, 2014

Still recording in a garage. Thank you for the support.

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Bleed the Pigs Nashville, Tennessee

Kayla - Vocals
Jay - Drums

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Track Name: Black Hole
(Sounds of Jupiter)
Track Name: Supremacy
Destroy my faint identity
First hand combat
Uphold your supremacy
Fake fucking ally
I’m not your fucking token
For your false sense of humanity

You’ll still bury me in chains
Roots run too deep
Uphold your supremacy
Poisoned in hate
You’ll still bury me in chains
Roots run too deep
Uphold your supremacy
Poisoned in hate

Track Name: Fear Of Violent Service
Weak men wish to control me
Force feeding lies
Sitting at the top of all
Manipulated servants
Violent service
Take the abuse
Smiling in my face
While throwing a noose
Track Name: White Washed
Murder, violence
9 times out of 10
Savagery, hatred
Your spineless follow

One day when you look at their faces
You'll see the deception of 300 years
Written in blood by your ancestors
Never ending
Whitewashed in corruption
Never ending
Built on our broken backs
This burden is too heavy
But it's all I know

Fucking me over
But it's all I know
Track Name: For This Defect, And For No Other Guilt, We Here Are Lost.
Weight of my worries have nailed me here
The deep, dark nebula's of my head
That travel on into nothingness
Security of
Vivid dreams

Never ending sightless world

With no faces of pity
Or fear (or fear)
This journey to the depths has a (reason)
With no faces of pity
Or fear (or fear)
A just revenge for the bold assault on god

For this defect
And for no other guilt
we are fucking lost
Track Name: Inferiority
Sighs escape from the walls I travel
Broken pleas for help
Making up who I am, but don't want to be
I watch myself float along
Aiming to leave as much of my
Invalid self behind

Become a new being
Not aware of self
Not aware of failure
I'm not alone
Track Name: Slain Penitence
Let emotion be nothing
Into the moral void
Of perfect failure
Watch it flat-line
I accomplished what I wanted
A life lived
With no regrets
So when it's time to go
Let emotion be nothing
[I was] faint white noise
(No more bullshit)
[Left in an] empty house
(No more fake smiles)
I've been dead inside for years now
You ignored it
To shove your happiness
In my face
Do not pretend